TOCK by NullSave\UI Cog\Scripts\Menu\MenuCog.cs


Controls input, selection and audio for menus (can be used with or without the InputCog).


Horizontal Input Horizontal input source name.
Vertical Input Vertical input source name.
Submit Submit input source name.
Cancel Cancel input source name.
Allow Looping If true pressing up on the first item or down on the last will loop back to the other end of the list.
Minimum Input Minimum input value for Menu Cog to take action.
Auto Repeat Input If true input will be repeated automatically.
Initial Delay Initial time in seconds to wait before repeating input
Minimum Delay Minimum time in seconds to wait before repeating input.
Delay Modifier The amount of time to decrease wait by each repeat.
Modifier Inc % The percent by which to increase the delay modifier after each use.
Audio Source Audio source for playing event sounds.
Selection change Clip to play when changing selections.
Confim Clip to play when submitting/confirming selection.
Cancel Sound to play when canceling.
onCancel Raises when cancel input is triggered.