TOCK by NullSave\Stats Cog\Scripts\SupportStatEffect.cs

Creation: Tools -> NullSave Stats Cog -> New Stat Effect


An effect with a list of one or more StatModifiers to be applied to one or more StatValues.


cancelEffectsList of other effects to cancel when this is applied
canStackDetermines if effect can be used more than once at a time
categoryCategory of effect for UI
descriptionDescription to show in UI
displayInListUsed to determine if effect should show in UI
displayNameDisplay name used by UI
hasLifeSpanDetermines if effect should die automatically
IsDeadReturns true if effect has expired
lifeInSecondsThe amount of time effect should stay alive for (used with hasLifeSpan)
modifiersList of modifiers to apply with effect
preventEffectsList of other effects that are cancelled and prevented from being used while effect is active
RemainingTimeAmount of time, in seconds, before effect expires
spriteSprite to display in UI


InitializeInitializes the effect
UpdateUpdates the effect


onEndFired when effect dies or is cancelled
onStartFired when effect is first started