TOCK by NullSave\Shared\Scripts\Extensions\IOExtensions.cs


Provides generic extensions for IO methods.


ReadBoolReads boolean value from stream.
ReadFloatReads float value from stream.
ReadIntReads int value from stream.
ReadLongReads long value from stream.
ReadQuaternionReads quaternion value from stream.
ReadStringPacketReads packetized string from stream.
ReadVector2Reads Vector2 from stream.
ReadVector3Reads Vector3 from stream.
WriteBoolWrites boolean value to stream.
WriteFloatWrites float value to stream.
WriteIntWrites int value to stream.
WriteLongWrites long value to stream.
WriteQuaternionWrites quaternion value to stream.
WriteStringPacketWrites packetized string to stream.
WriteVector2Writes Vector2 to stream.
WriteVector3Writes Vector3 to stream.