TOCK by NullSave\UI Cog\Scripts\Support\InputCog.cs


The InputCog class contains static properties and methods you can use anywhere in your project instead of the standard Input class. You'll just need to make sure you have at least one instance of InputCog on a GameObject somewhere in your game.

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CursorLock Determines which CursorLockMode to use.
JS Check Interval Time in seconds to check for updated joystick list.
Inputs List of PlatformControllers that are available for use.
Enable Gestures Should we allow gestures at all?
Desktop Gestures DesktopGestures enum controls how to handle touch gestures on desktops.
Min Gesture Match Minimum percent match (0 to 1) required for gesture to be recognized.
Gesture List List of GestureInfo objects for supported gestures.


gestureReceived Raised any time a gesture is received (prior to attempting match). Supplies raw string data.
gestureMatched Raised after a gesture was successfully matched; passed GestureInfo.
unknownGesture Raised when a gesture cannot be matched.
controllerChanged Raised anytime the active controller or joystick changes; supplies newly active PlatformController.
onJoystickConnected Raised when any new joystick is connected.
onJoystickDisconnected Raised when any joystick is disconnected.
onNewActiveJoystick Raised when a new joystick becomes actively used.
onActiveJoystickDisconnected Raised when the actively used joystick is disconnected.