TOCK by NullSave\Input Cog\Scripts\Support\GestureTrainer.cs


This script allows you to train new touch gestures directly from the Unity Editor or on your device.

By default assets are created to the PersistentData path.


EnableInEditor When true the asset will be saved directly to your Assets folder (when working in the Unity Editor).
Asset Subpath Path underneath Assets directory to create asset.
Status Text Text element to display gesture status to.
Add Button Button to enable when new data is available to add.
Save Input Text Input source for the save file name.
Load Input Text input source for the save file name.


AddGestureAdds last received gesture to training data.
LoadGestureClears current gesture training data and loads from file.
NewGestureClears current gesture training data.
SaveGestureSaves trained gesture data to asset.